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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Well, Iím getting through these days one by one. I spent most of today on payroll, but I also managed to get myself to Best Buy for something I needed. It wasnít until I got home that I remembered I hadnít shaved. I never leave the house when I havenít shaved. Except, obviously, when I forget.

I donít know why it matters. Apparently it doesnít, because I didnít even think about it while I was out. Iím glad I was wearing pants, because I donít go out of the house without pants, either. Maybe some day Iíll forget, but by that time it will be about as big an issue as shaving. In other words, not one.

It wasnít the fact that I was poorly groomed that kept me from storming off to the post office this afternoon. It was the usual, work. But if I hadnít had that obligation, I would have been in the mood to make a big stink. My letter carrier today was apparently a substitute, because he (or she) left a slip in my mailbox telling me my package could be picked up at the office, and he (or she) was sorry he (or she) had missed me.

The only reason my letter carrier missed me was because that individual wasnít inclined to drive the hundred feet from the road, down my driveway to my front door, to deliver the package. Thatís how I know it was a substitute, because my regular guy knows not only how to get to the door, but also that Iím always home and thereís no excuse for leaving a note.

The weird part is that the beige slip was dated yesterday, and the notation the carrier made said that I could pick up the package after 10:00 am today. I donít know how that would have been possible, since it didnít get into my box until some time after 3:00 pm today. Thatís what really ticked me off. Apparently he (or she) has been carrying my package around in his (or her) truck for at least two days.

28 January 2005


Tomorrow I will shave, because even when Iím not leaving the house at all I canít stand to go more than two days without shaving. And Iíll put on my pants and go to the post office and be perfectly polite to the clerk who had darn well better have a package waiting for me. And Iíll go to the bank, not to deposit the big check which still hasnít come but to deposit a small check which did arrive at an opportune time. And then Iíll come home and work and hope that something more interesting happens that I can write a journal entry about. But my expectations in that regard are moderate at best.

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This summerís baseball movie is a remake of The Bad News Bears, starring Billy Bob Thornton as Buttermaker, the coach portrayed in the original by Walter Matthau. The new version has a script by the writers of Bad Santa, Billy Bobís wickedly fun Christmas movie. I canít tell if this is good news or bad news, but we can always use another baseball picture. The sport translates to cinema quite well.

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