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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

What a wonderful day. The sun was brilliant and warm, the sky was bright blue, and my driveway was almost completely dry, except for a couple of soft, muddy patches and one little puddle that I could easily walk (though not drive) around. Short of another layer of gravel, what could have made this day any better?

So why did I have an invisible black cloud hanging over me all day? Why was I so listless and unmotivated? Why did little things that really donít matter in the face of a day this wonderful get so deep under my skin that I could hear my bones rub together? Most importantly, why didnít I get any work done today?

Well, I can answer that last one, I think. After working until 10:00 last night on payroll, I sort of felt I was entitled to lie around and catch up on my down time this morning, but the fax started whirring ten minutes before I was even supposed to get out of bed (and half an hour before I actually got up).

When I drove to the post office, I had to wait fifteen minutes for an eighteen-wheeler to turn around in the middle of the street (and another fifteen minute for a two-wheeler that should have been in the bike lane instead of the middle of the street (not the same street, another street)).

And when I got back and started opening the mail, there was a notice threatening cancellation of our workersí comp policy for nonpayment of a premium deposit that our account executive told me not to pay because I disputed the audit results and she agreed with me. So I called the insurance company, and they wouldnít make any promises that anything would be done, but they insisted I leave another message for the account exec, who wonít be back until tomorrow.

Plus: apparently one of the leasing companies didnít get the truck payment I sent, so now they want two payments plus a late fee. Iím disputing the late fee, even though the bank says that the check I mailed in plenty of time for the due date last month hasnít been paid yet. Iím sure the leasing company lost my check, but I wonít charge them for the cost to stop payment, as long as they donít enforce their late fee. I wrote them a polite but firm letter to that effect, and letís see how far I get with that.

Itís dealing with these petty annoyances that gets me off my game. Thatís why I wasnít satisfied with the amount of work I got done today. I got some information at 5:00 pm tonight that Iíd been waiting for all day, but I made the decision not to work until 10:00 for the second night in a row. That means more work tomorrow, and probably at least one day this weekend, but enough is enough. Iím trying to get through February in an upbeat mood, but itís hard when you have to fight for your right to zone out in front of the TV.

2 February 2006

Tree with red and gold sky.

Hmmmph. I would have thought that my first day with full access and no phone problems would have turned out a little better than this. I guess a little better than ďwonderfulĒ is too much to ask.

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My first reaction when I read that Buck OíNeil was under consideration for baseballís Hall of Fame was this: Buck OíNeilís not in the Hall of Fame? How is that possible? There appears to be some controversy over his possible election to the hall, because he wasnít a dominant player in his day (although he did win two Negro League batting titles and won four championships as a player/manager). But he was the first African American coach in the major leagues, and for many years heís been a living memorial to the history of baseball in those years when segregation kept so many great players out of the majors. It would be a shame not to honor this man. Of course he should be in the Hall of Fame.

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