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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

As soon as it happened, I knew I had to find a way to take it back. I laughed at the Boss today. He was in one of his nitpicking moods, tearing apart (of all things) our chart of accounts, thinking that he could fine tune it so it would be, I donít know, better? Better in what sense, I couldnít say.

ďI think I need an account for garbage,Ē he said, deadly serious. ďAnd one for the power company.Ē Itís not really funny, unless itís the thirty-seventh in a long series of similar phone calls ranging from the surreal to the bizarre. I think by the end of it we had a separate general ledger account for every single bill weíre going to pay this year. Thatís a lot of subcategories. If you canít laugh, you have to cry.

I covered up pretty well, I think. First I coughed, but that wasnít going to work. ďNo, no,Ē he protested, ďI really need to get this handled.Ē Which made me snort my root beer even more, but I remembered to cover the mouthpiece so it really did sound like a cough this time.

Anyway, if he asks me in a week why the Big Project isnít done, I can point him back to today and remind him of the very important nitpicking that we took most of an entire Wednesday to accomplish, at the expense of Everything Else, including the Big Project. The funny thing is, I probably will get it done that soon. Losing a day will make me work harder over the weekend, if history is any kind of a prophet.

28 January 2005

Fraternal twins.

I donít know if the work the Saturn dealer did today was really covered under the recall bulletin. Maybe they were humoring me, so I wouldnít be embarrassed by coming in to the dealership and waiting an hour just for a light bulb to be changed. Thatís how I would have handled it if roles were reversed. I canít stand to see someone else embarrassed, even someone as naÔve and incompetent as I am. (On the other hand, I snorted a whole can of root beer at American Idol tonight, so I guess on top of everything else Iím a hypocrite.)

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When I wrote yesterdayís entry, I didnít know that Santa Rosa was the warmest place in the country for the day. It was 78ļF here, two degrees warmer than Miami (and tied for number one with Death Valley and Honolulu). And it was just as nice today.

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