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Monday, February 20, 2006

As I watch the Torino Olympics, it occurs to me how close I might have come to winning a medal (or four). If only I were about 35 years younger, and had some natural talent (plus the time and money to develop it), I might very well be on the medal stand listening to some other countryís anthem. (I would never assume Iíd win gold. Thatís just not me.)

In the case of the Winter Games, it would have helped to have been born in the upper Midwest, or in Canada (or Liechtenstein, for that matter). But it could have been me, instead of Bode. (For that matter, it could have been Bode, instead of Kjetil or Antoine.) I could be the one doing those corked 720s and crossovers and telemark landings. I could be doing jumps and spins and turns and tucks. And twizzles.

And then Bob Costas would interview me.

But no, I had to be a fat, lazy old guy from a place with no snow and not a lot of ice. Thatís all thatís holding me back, but I guess Iíll never win that medal. Iíll just have to live my dream through Bode and Tanith and Ben and Shani and Apolo. Not to mention Kjetil and Janica and Evgeni. And Duff. It could have been me, but it isnít.

15 February 2006

Clouds on the line.

Could that be why Iím so attracted to curling? Not that I think itís easy, but itís something that families do together, starting with very young children (in Canada, anyway). There are actually athletes my age who are competing in the Olympic curling tournament. Itís so much fun to watch that it must be fun to throw those stones. I could do take-outs and draws, I know I could. If only.

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The U.S. menís curling team had nothing to play for except pride in their game against Canada today. They had already clinched a spot in the next round, and Canada needed a win to avoid a tiebreak game. The U.S. team played very well, but the Canadians stepped up their game and made some outstanding shots that were just beyond their opponentsí ability. The U.S. had won four games in a row and played well throughout the week, but now they have to find a way to beat Canada, whom they will face in a semifinal game Wednesday. Canada won this one today, 6-3. Meanwhile, the U.S. women played their final game today, having already been eliminated from the medals. They were playing for pride and fun. I hope they had fun, because they were crushed by the team from Great Britain, 10-4.

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