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Sunday, February 20, 2005

One thing some of the people I happen to know personally could learn from race car drivers is the ability to let go of a grudge. Just because somebody spun you out last Thursday doesnít mean you canít work with him to gain track position on Sunday. Thatís more than just strategy. Itís philosophy.

Maybe some folks have a legitimate reason to go around with a perpetual chip on their shoulder. I donít know about that, but I do believe that the person harmed most by that kind of attitude is the chip-carrier. Often the object of disaffection either doesnít care or doesnít know. If you admire an ice sculpture for too long, it turns into water. Relax. Enjoy.

Itís not easy to get over being thin-skinned, especially if you have an inferiority complex. (Itís even worse if you have good reason to have an inferiority complex. Thatís a hard cycle to break.) But Iím a big believer in self-awareness. In fact, Iím even a bigger believer in it than I am a practitioner. But belief has to come first anyway. You have to know youíre being ridiculous before you can possibly turn it around.

Life is short enough, without making it miserable as well. Trying to take out your frustrations on somebody else only makes it seem shorter. Letting go is liberating. I know a few people with bulldog mentalities who could greatly improve the world by realizing that simple fact. Unclench! For your own sake if not for the general welfare.

21 February 2005

Hole in the back porch overhang.

Some people think you have to be a religious believer to be a good person, that without the promise of reward or the threat of punishment thereís no way to know whatís right from whatís wrong. Iím saying you donít need a church to tell you how to live (not that it does any good, from what Iíve seen these last few years). Itís in everyoneís best self-interest to keep the wheels of society running smoothly. That means certain individuals might have to play extreme bumper cars a little less than comes naturally.

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If Jimmie Johnson, who just last Thursday said that Kevin Harvick should be fired by his owner or banned by NASCAR, can work things out so that he and his rival are drafting and pushing each other on the back stretch at Daytona, why canít you (not you, but you) make more of an effort to keep from nudging your friends into the wall just to see them spinning out on the infield?

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