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Friday, February 20, 2004

"Is Michael there?"

That's me.

"This is Damon from the bank. I approved the check you deposited this morning for $107,000."


"I just heard from the district office. Unfortunately..."

(Uh oh.)

"...the check was over my limit, and I have to put a five-day hold on it. The funds will be available on the twenty-seventh. I wanted to let you know before you tried to write checks on that money."

Yeah, that was sort of the point. It's not as if I haven't made bigger deposits without any trouble. You phoned the maker's bank to be sure the funds were in the account.

"Right. And they are there. There's no problem with the check itself. It's just that I don't have the authority to approve it. What I can do is have my manager approve it when he comes in Monday. That way you won't have to wait the full five days."


"I'm sorry about this. You're a good customer."

So the funds will be released Monday?

"Monday or Tuesday."

Can you call me when I can mail out all these checks I'm writing?

"Would you like me to do that?"


"I'll call you. And again, I'm..."


12 February 2004

Trees now, leaves later.

This conversation not only let all the air out of my balloon, but it also ended my day. I couldn't pick up a pen to write more unfunded checks after that. I didn't even call the Boss to give him the bad news. I just sort of melted into my chair and pulled a blanket over me. Resolved myself into a dew. Remembered how badly I need to sleep.

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Oh, I'll make up the time, no need to worry about that. I'll even write all those checks this weekend and mail them out as soon as I get the okay from the bank. But the worst part is that this wasn't even the biggest check, or the one we've been waiting for the longest. This one was mailed Wednesday and got here today. The other was mailed on the tenth (so they tell me). Where is it? I don't know, but I can't write checks on that one, either, since I don't have it. We're all about blue sky assets here these days. It's there, but you can see, smell or taste it. And you certainly can't cash it.

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