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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hmmm. Maybe I should try this ďnot workingĒ thing more often. It seemed to have worked out today. Even though I had told everyone to leave me alone so I could watch the Daytona 500, I had also planned to spend the rest of the day getting some work done. But I changed my mind. I think sitting around watching a race for four hours spoiled me for spreadsheets and the like.

But that doesnít mean I have to decide what to do about tomorrow. Itís supposed to be a holiday. It even says so on the calendar, something called ďPresidentsí DayĒ that we didnít have when I was a kid. I donít mind honoring George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, but if this holiday is dedicated to the likes of Warren G. Harding and Franklin Pierce, Iím not celebrating.

As of now, my plan is to observe the holiday by sleeping as late as I can and then spending the rest of the day working. There will be no mail delivery, so I donít have any reason to leave the house. That will help me get more work done, as will the fact that other people might be celebrating. Banks and government offices and other agencies we deal with are closed. If the telemarketers would take the day off as well, Iíd be pretty certain of being left alone.

18 February 2006

Finding the blue.

By tonight, I probably couldnít have worked much even if I wanted to. It was getting dark by the time the race was over, and itís been so cold that all I want to do in the evenings is find a place to curl up with a blanket over my legs. This icy weather (icy for California, anyway) has been keeping me pretty much immobile these nights, and itís been keeping me from wanting to get out of the recliner and into bed. As if I needed a reason not to go to bed.

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The U.S. womenís curling team had a good chance to beat Switzerland today, but they maybe should have given up a point in the ninth end and gone to the tenth with a tie and the hammer, rather than settling for a two-point lead and giving the hammer to the Swiss. Why? Because Switzerland made judicious use of corner guards and a couple of misses by the U.S. team to score three points on a miraculous last rock for a 9-8 win. The U.S. men, on the other hand, have been on fire, and today they beat Great Britain for a share of first place in the menís draw. The U.S. took a 6-1 lead after three ends, allowing them to give up points to the Scots in each of the last three ends and still hold on for a 9-8 win.

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