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Sunday, February 12, 2006

If I had done anything worth reporting on today, youíd be reading about that instead of this. Actually, it was a pretty typical Sunday, in that I did less than I planned to do and more than I felt like doing. I can say that I did what I had to do, and not much more.

Sadly, I didnít see the kids today. And this might have been the day I remembered to take the camera out of my pocked, too! Or not, itís hard to say. Except for a few dim gym shots of D.J.ís basketball games (which are now over forever), I donít have any new photos of the kids since Christmas. Thatís almost a crime.

So was it worth getting out of bed this morning? Well, maybe not, but I did get my own paycheck written, and I did a couple of worksheets that Julie asked for. She actually asked for them for Monday, but I like her so I did them today. If someone else had asked for something, Iím sure I would have been too ďtired,Ē or too ďbusy.Ē

12 February 2006

Soft spray of clouds.

Maybe I salvaged my day by trying a new recipe tonight. I didnít have much choice, since Iíve had the ingredients for several days without getting a chance to use them. I didnít want them to go bad, so I made mini-meatloaves (easy) and a perfect mushroom gravy (a personal milestone). I was pretty pleased with how it all came out, especially considering how little I accomplished the rest of the day.

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The contrast is stark, but the results were similar. Big favorites among U.S. athletes were unable to find their way to the medal podium today in two events that couldnít be more different in how they break your heart. The menís downhill is a pure race, straight down the mountain one time for glory or failure. Speed skating, especially in a longer race such as the 1500 meters, depends on luck as much as it does on execution. This is a race that starts slowly and strategically and ends in a burst of speed. An athlete can train every day for four years, get into perfect physical and mental condition, and then be eliminated in a heartbeat by the smallest tick of a mistake, and it doesnít even have to be his own mistake. But in the case of U.S. skater Apolo Anton Ohno, it was a mistake of his own making that ruined his chance at the gold medal many were expecting. And U.S. skiers Daron Rahlves and Bode Miller, both with such high hopes, made clean runs but fell short of the times of faster men in the downhill. Short by a fraction of a second, but thatís all it takes.

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