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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Unlike your regular Saturday when nothing happens (and it takes all day to do it), this was the Saturday when everything happened at once.

The Boss and Julie have been meeting with the people from whom weíre leasing the land the kennel lies on. Not the kennel itself, which weíre buying from somebody else entirely, but the land. There were some ambiguities in the lease, and theyíve worked all week to iron them out. Somehow, it all came together today in a four-page document that I was asked to type.

At exactly the same time I was digging into this important document, Tammy called and asked if I wanted to come by. Mom was on her way there already, and it would be a convenient time for me to give them (including all three boys) the little Valentineís Day trinkets Iíd collected for them. (No cards, so as not to appear to be buying into the dark side of the holiday. And nothing expensive, I promise.)

I told her I wouldnít be able to make it, because I was working. I couldnít see myself finishing this project in the next two hours, before they all (including Tammy) went down for their afternoon naps. But I gamely plugged away at the typing project, reviewing and revising until I was satisfied. I faxed it back to the Boss, and I was amazed when he immediately phoned and said, ďGreat job!Ē

So I boldly asked him if that meant I could leave. Well, he had a few more things he wanted me to do, but they could wait. Until Monday, if necessary. So I phoned Tammy and told her I was on my way right now. ďAnd donít let Grandma leave.Ē

As always when the three kids are at home, the house was lively and borderline chaotic. But I got a little time with D.J., and a smile from Dakota. And Aiden climbed over my legs and onto my lap and then back down again, all the while looking for something to sink his gums into. If it wasnít my camera, it was my shoe. (Yuk! That didnít last long.)

He wasnít in quite as good a mood as when I was there earlier in the week, and it was getting closer and closer to the preordained nap time, so I didnít stay long. But it was (as always) the highlight of my day.

12 February 2005

Here I am!

And when I got back home, I got back to work. The big check had arrived at last, so I spent the rest of the afternoon paying the company bills Iíve been putting off. Iíll deposit our check and mail off those payments Monday, so to avoid having to get up early and work Monday morning, Iíll probably spend most of tomorrow writing more and more of the checks. Itís a trade-off Iíd gladly make every week (assuming it does indeed result in my being able to sleep an extra hour Monday morning).

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My eyes were on Daytona today for the first NASCAR race of the season, although it was only 70 laps and (as in Whose Line Is It Anyway?), the points donít matter. But then I turned to the sublime 1998 Brazilian film Central Station, which I had never seen before, and which blew me away with its unsentimental sensitivity. I love a movie that brings two lonely, apparently mismatched people together and turns them into a family, especially when they are portrayed as well as they are in this wonderful movie.

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