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Monday, February 13, 2006

There are a lot of hours in a day, 25 or 26 I think, but itís not nearly enough. And with the Olympics going on, I need even more. Itís a real time sucker.

Itís not like I have any control over it. I just canít stand to miss anything, and while I donít watch every hour of coverage on every channel, I wasnít about to go to bed while the U.S. and Norway were competing in menís curling last night. The game started at midnight (my time; it was the next morning already in Italy) and ended at about 2:30 am. Well, Iím very often still up at 2:30 anyway, so it was no great hardship.

The problem was today, when I was supposed to be working. In fact, I think I had everyone convinced I was working, but it took me all day to do last weekís payroll, because I kept letting myself get distracted. I had recorded the womenís curling that was on at 5:00 in the morning (nothing gets me up that early that isnít either explosive or deep-fried, jelly-filled and lightly glazed).

Hockey is on every day, and thereís a three-hour curling show every afternoon, right in the middle of prime working time. Itís going to be a long two weeks, because Iím finding myself working way later than usual because Iím not getting as much accomplished during the day.

The funny thing is, NBC usually saves the good stuff for its recorded prime-time show, and I donít always give it my full attention. Right now as I write this, for example, theyíre showing a speed skating event that a completist like me should probably be watching (and taking notes on).

12 February 2006

Sky blanket.

There was a three-hour break tonight, from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, when there was no Olympic coverage on TV in my area. Thatís when I got the payroll finished and made crab cakes (with fresh crab, no less) for the first time in my life. But thereís more curling tonight at midnight, so tomorrow will probably turn out much like today. Itís a good thing there are 26 or 27 hours in a day, or Iíd never get anything done.

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It looked bad for the U.S. menís curling team in the first end, when they lost a good chance by burning their last rock. But they consistently took advantage of openings left them by the defending gold medal team from Norway, making some incredible shots along the way and scoring five in the eighth end to win their first game of the tournament, 11-5. The U.S. women were not as fortunate, missing shots and making poor decisions that took them from an early 4-1 lead to an 11-6 loss to the veteran Norwegians. Later today, the U.S. men had a great chance, with last rock in the tenth end in a tie game, but they chose an impossible shot and didnít make it, and lost to Finland, 4-3.

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