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Thursday, February 9, 2006

Tim made a big mistake today. Every so often, heíll say something that sets off fireworks in my head. Usually itís something I would find innocuous if anyone else asked me, but because itís Tim, I know itís going to plunge me into a conversation that goes around in circles, deeper and deeper until Iím lost in a black hole with no way out.

And now? Now is the worst time to bug me with pointless questions, because Iím trying to get the Big Project finished before my self-imposed deadline of the end of this month. So what does he ask me? He asks me how things are coming along on the Big Project.

It doesnít sound too bad, does it? But I sort of went off on him, and told him all the reasons I donít think Iím going to make the February 28 deadline, and all the little annoyances that are keeping me from making any progress. I circled around and got deep, but I donít know if I made my point. Which was: Asking me a question like that is the surest way to keep the Big Project from getting done on time.

9 February 2006

The old oak in early February.

Itís not that he doesnít have the right to ask the question. Itís not that it isnít a fair question, not at all. Itís just that he should know me well enough by now to know that I donít respond well to what I consider pressure, even if he doesnít consider it pressure (or even if he thinks heís putting such subtle pressure on me that I wonít recognize it as pressure). He should know better, because he gets those same fireworks every time.

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Itís hard to pass up a story like this. I had heard that Al Michaels, who has been the lead announcer on ABCís Monday Night Football and had been expected to follow the Monday night package to ESPN next season, had jumped ship, and would be rejoining John Madden on NBCís new Sunday night games. But what I didnít know until I read it today was that NBC had to give something up to ABC for the right to sign Michaels to a contract. And what did they give up? They gave up the rights to Oswald the Rabbit. That was the first major animated character Walt Disney had created when he hit Hollywood, but when he found out that Universal Studios (now part of NBC) had the rights to the character, he created his own studio and came up with a new character (a little fellow called Mickey Mouse). Now, because NBC was so hot to have Al Michaels call their football games next season, Oswald will be rejoining Disney, which is part of ABC. What a great story. Al Michaels was traded for Oswald the Rabbit.

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