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Monday, February 9, 2004

Some people are so holy themselves that they can declare anyone who doesn't think, believe and act as they do a "sinner." I guess they don't mind being sanctimonious hypocrites. Either that, or they don't even realize that they are sanctimonious hypocrites.

I can understand ignorant backwoods hillbilly rednecks with teeth missing being afraid that they're going to lose some fundamental rights if citified overeducated limpwristed activist liberal intellectuals are allowed to commit vile and disgusting acts just as legally and with the same freedom that they themselves are allowed to commit acts that they know are okay because, let's face it, Mama and Daddy did it. That much I get.

What I can't understand is, how can anyone who lives in the real world and knows how to read and think and observe the human condition in all its diversity and splendor, how can anyone with even a weak grasp of critical thinking, how can someone who knows how to form complete sentences come to the stupefying conclusion that they have the right to decide that their rights are not right for someone else who doesn't share their values?

How can that be? Did someone impart some kind of revealed wisdom to them, and if so, how do they know that it's truly wisdom if they accept the revelation without running it through the same thinking process that helps them decide what's right or wrong in their own lives? Is it so much easier to decide what's right or wrong for someone else that they don't even have to consider it?

That's all I want to know, only not really because I've heard the answer and it seems to be in a language that I don't understand. It makes sense to the person saying it, but then it loses something as it is exposed to the fresh air. By the time it gets into my head there isn't much substance left. I've heard it, I've considered it, and now you can have it back. Sorry.

2 February 2004

Moving clouds.

And I don't care how many public opinion polls you show me. Sometimes the public is Wrong. Sometimes the majority is Wrong. When the majority wants to deprive a minority of the same rights enjoyed by the majority, simply because of differences real or perceived, then the majority is Wrong. That's why we have courts, and God bless 'em. Or, you know, Whoever.

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I sure hope I didn't leave anything out. Let's see. Tolerance, check. Freedom, check. I'm right and you're wrong, check. Don't bother me with a rationale for your willful ignorance and/or bigotry, check. Okay, good deal, got it covered.

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