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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

There was a point this afternoon when I was doing so many things at one time that I couldnít even count them all, much less keep track of where I was in each one. That, I think, is a sign itís time to back off. Maybe try to finish something. Yeah, thatís probably the only way out of the maze, when youíre in that deep. Find a door, any door, and scramoose.

In case you couldnít tell, these things have been getting to me lately, even more than they should. Out of all proportion. When youíre juggling medicine balls and somebody tosses you a raw egg, youíre gonna get splattered. Every new task was the last straw, until somebody flicked another one at me.

But I found the antidote today. Iím in great shape tonight, and all it took was a little Aiden time. A wee dose of baby magic and Iím back on my feet with a smile on my face.

I took Tammy some popsicles this morning. It seems those are all she can digest these days, so I was happy to do it. (She also asked for deviled eggs, but my luck with eggs isnít very good lately. Otherwise I might have tried making them.) I had to be in the neighborhood to deposit a (very small) check in the bank, so it was no problem picking up popsicles. In fact, itís only about nine steps from the teller window to the frozen food aisle.

When I got to the house, Aiden was just barely waking up. When he opened his eyes and saw me, he gave me a wary little squint at first, but it didnít take long for the smile to spread across his face. You know the smile. The one that makes him look as if heís just discovered that the world is a beautiful place and that someone knows that he is the center of it all. (I guess you could call it a Sally Field moment.)

Soon we were jabbering and giggling at each other, and talking in complete sentences even. I donít know if he really understood everything I said, or just pretended to, the way I did with him. Iím sure he knows what he means, even if it doesnít exactly come out in standard English. Itís a charming little version of the language that he speaks, and if (as I suspect) his main objective is not conveying meaning but getting a laugh, he must have been gratified by his success.

12 February 2005

Here's Aiden, comin' at ya.

And really, thatís all it took. Half an hour between spreadsheets to indulge my weakness for the youngest member of the family and his shining spirit. It got me out of the blue funk thatís been hovering around me for days and days. Itís just a good thing he was available for a consultation, or Iíd still be slogging through the long hours with a frown instead of a smile.

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The last time the Giants hosted the major league All Star Game, in 1984, I was so excited that I bought season tickets just so we could go to the game. Now that itís official that the 2007 game will be played in San Francisco, Iím torn. Iím not rushing out to spend a thousand dollars just to have a chance to go to one game, even though itís the one with the biggest stars in baseball. Iíd still go to any game any time, but itís the game itself I want to see. The fascination with the stars has dimmed in the last two decades. (Besides, we have the biggest star in the game playing 81 games a year in SF already.)

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