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Saturday, February 19, 2005

What a difference a day makes (as the old song says). And Iím here to tell you that a good nightís sleep makes a big difference, too. Yesterday I felt like something that crawled out from under a rock. Literally. No, I mean it.

Today was different. (Otherwise I wouldnít be here talking to you about it.) I indulged my passion for unconsciousness, even though it shortened the day for me. The closer to noon you start, the less time you have before the darkness. On the other hand, when itís more or less dark all day anyway, what difference does it make?

Maybe I didnít get everything done that Iíd planned, but I set myself up for the rest of the weekend. I feel good about the possibility that Iíll make some real progress tomorrow. And thatís worth a lot today.

7 February 2005

Mostly cloudy.

And I really donít have a lot to say, mostly because itís Saturday. I finished one book and started another one. (Reading, that is, not writing.) I changed the sheets on my bed. (Maybe thatíll make it easier to sleep, or at least to think about sleeping tonight.) I even posted a couple of journal entries (although theyíre more than a week stale). But mostly, I got near the end of the long list of cost reports I have to do before I can finish the Big Project. Since the weekend has an extra day in it, I have to think itíll get done after all.

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I donít do fantasy baseball (I prefer the real thing), but itís good to hear that the Giantsí ace Jason Schmidt is the top fantasy pitcher in the National League. That means that people who put money on the line and should know these things believe heís going to get off to a good start. Since we already know he finishes strong, we can look forward to a good season from him, which means only good things for the team.

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