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Monday, February 21, 2005

Rattling the tiger’s cage probably wasn’t the smartest thing I could have done today. I should have just let well enough alone.

But no, I had to show the Boss that I was working on a holiday. I had to prove to him that the nasty little assignment he gave me this morning (by fax) was done (even though he’ll never, ever know how much extra work he caused by asking me to do it). I had to go and poke a hickory stick in the hornet’s nest.

“Oh,” he said when he phoned me. “I wasn’t going to call, because I thought you might be taking the day off.” So we had a nice little chat about the extra work he foisted on me, although I just called it work, and not extra work. He wasn’t going to call me until I sent the fax back to him, he said.

“You started it.” I’m happy to say he laughed when I threw that little jab. I didn’t tell him that revising the cost report he sent this morning had taken most of the day, but I did tell him that I had sent him several other cost reports, just in case. “I’ll get back to work on the Big Project as soon as you’re sure you don’t want to do any more tweaking.”

He promised to look them over carefully tonight, but he doesn’t think he’s going to make any more arbitrary changes. He really wants the Big Project finished.

26 January 2005


Actually, I probably would have taken the day off, or at least part of it, if I hadn’t felt so dismal when I got up this morning. I didn’t set the alarm, but I couldn’t sleep past the regular Monday time. I had fatigue issues and gastrointestinal issues most of the day. Mom wanted to go to a movie, and I wanted to get out of here, but I just couldn’t manage it. So I worked instead, as if that would make me feel better.

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We had a little of every kind of weather there is today. We had rain and wind and clouds and sun and blue sky and thunder and lightning. (Okay, there was no snow or sleet or tornado or hurricane or monsoon or dust storm, nor any volcanic event, if that even counts as weather (which it doesn’t, any more than an earthquake would). But other than that...)

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