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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The problem with a liberal arts education is that I know a little about a lot of things, but not that much about anything in particular. But thatís also the benefit of having been an English major at a time when most of my classmates were specializing in various fields of engineering. Theyíre all rich, I assume. I never had much to do with them when I was in school, and I donít know whatís happened to them since. So letís just say theyíre all rich.

Despite all the obvious advantages of being rich, Iím content with my decision to go the other route. What I learned in school has allowed me to sit at home, alone, on a rainy Sunday and not be bored with my own company. Iím a fickle serial enthusiast. It takes very little to amuse me, and my low expectations make it possible for me to be satisfied with the hand Iíve been dealt. If Iíd worked harder when I was younger, I could probably have stacked the deck in my favor. Maybe I would have been happier with the end result, but I canít be sure, and I donít think I would have enjoyed the journey as much.

So I read three books at a time and get just enough out of them to feel enriched. I pore over magazines and newspapers and websites and rarely have any trouble coming across articles I find interesting enough to think about, although they rarely cause me to dig more deeply into the subject matter. I skim a lot, in point of fact.

My skills are defined by what I made of my narrow talents, and Iíve done the best I could with both. People who have made more of themselves have my admiration and respect, plus a bit of envy, but not enough to make me regret my decisions. Iím well aware of my own limitations, but I think I compensate well. Well enough, at least.

13 December 2008

Lone robin on a rainy day.

I do have a problem with attention span, in case that isnít obvious. I canít stay on one project long enough to get through it in a single sitting. Iím also kind of lazy, and I put off doing what I should do because I can always find at least five other things that Iíd rather do. Iím a little unfocused, but my education helps me cope. Maybe Iím being too hard on myself, and maybe I would have been just as happy with an engineering degree. But I canít waste too much time thinking about that. I have three books to finish, so I can move on to three more.

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