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Sunday, December 14, 2003

I spent way too much time today fighting with SBC Yahoo over how their new browser has preempted my preferences. I like the browser for news and sports, but I don't want it to be my default browser. It seems to have other ideas. It took over and wouldn't let go, no matter what I did.

Internet Explorer is my browser of choice. I know some people don't like it, mostly because they don't like Microsoft. For those people there are other options. But at least IE never took over my computer the way SBC Yahoo has done lately.

I already had the SBC Yahoo Browser, but I downloaded an upgrade today to be able to take advantage of the pop-up blocker. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I made a big mistake when I let Yahoo set my preferences for me. I thought I could simply reset them and go back to IE, the way I did the last time I downloaded a new browser.

But nooooooooooo! Whenever the new browser is open, it takes over everything. The Control Panel doesn't help. Internet Options can't do anything about it. So I sent a pointed message to Yahoo, but they wouldn't let me send it from IE! I had to open their browser to send a message complaining about their browser. I guess they know what they're doing. They seem to be very good at it.

The ironic thing is that now that I've installed the pop-up blocker, I probably won't be using that browser at all. If I don't open it up, I don't have the problem. Yahoo was better off with me as a happy customer than they are now that I'm disgruntled. I don't need their stoopid browser. (Not that I really think they need me, either.)

13 December 2003

At Dakota's house, it's not surprising to see a stuffed elephant sleeping in the hallway.

Anyway, that's how I spent way too much of my precious Sunday. Downloading, uploading, restarting, tearing my hair out. It's a good thing I can multitask.

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I knew nothing about the capture of Saddam Hussein until David called me from the lake this morning. I'd been watching the 49er game and they said nothing about it. So I switched over to CNN and saw a doctor gagging Saddam with a stick, and I knew it was true. Now, where's Osama? He's the one who actually attacked us, as I recall. (It was so long ago that many people now believe Saddam was responsible for September 11. That's how good the Bush propaganda machine is.)

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