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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Iím not going to complain about being overworked today (not after complaining about being underworked yesterday), but the work load has been amped up appreciably, and Iím pretty sure I know why.

During the ten days between the time I got the letter announcing the audit and yesterday, I focused all my energy and attention on preparing for the audit. No, thatís not right. I gave whatever energy and attention I had exclusively to the audit, without thinking much about other things that I should have been doing. It wasnít that I spent all my time on the audit, just that I didnít spend any time on anything else. Because, you see, I had to get ready for the audit.

And now it all comes crashing down in an avalanche of unpaid bills, and spreadsheets the Boss requested a week or more ago. I knew I couldnít get it all done today. Thatís why I didnít even try. Thatís the other reason I canít complain about being overworked. First, I moaned yesterday about how exhausting it is doing nothing. And second, I did it to myself.

9 December 2005

Red sky over my house.

But I did take time out to do some shopping this morning. Thatís one thing I put off while preparing for the audit, and I didnít want to put it off any longer. I didnít get finished, but I got close enough that I know exactly what I have to do to finish. When Iím going to do it? Thatís another question with no good answer.

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If itís true, as rumor has it, that the Giants and Angels might be working on a trade of players who didnít live up to their big contracts (Edgardo Alfonso and Steve Finley), then I think itís a deal that could benefit both players and both teams. The Angels could use a third baseman, and the Giants are looking for a left-handed hitting outfielder. Bingo!

Point two: Bill Mueller will be a good fit with the Dodgers, who also need a third baseman and a reliable number two hitter. Heíll probably play every day, which he wouldnít have done if heíd signed (as rumored) with the Giants. He was a great Giant at the start of his career, and Iíd love to see him back here, but I donít blame him.

Point three: The U.S. government, in its infinite wisdom (cough), has decided that Cuba will not be allowed to send a team to the United States for the first World Baseball Classic next March. This is something that has to be worked out, if Major League Baseball wants the event to have any credibility. If itís truly the most important international baseball tournament ever, then the Cubans have to be here. Iím not going to say politics and sports donít mix, because that ship sailed as long ago as 1980 (or 1972, or 1936), but I am going to say they shouldnít mix.

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"It might get done half-assedly, but all I really have to do is convince the Boss that Iíve given it my best effort. Itís just a good thing I donít have to convince myself of that."

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