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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Back in the golden olden days when I was a shoe store stock clerk, I always knew when Iíd worked hard enough by how much my feet and legs and back hurt at the end of the day. When I became a shoe store manager, things didnít change much. Thatís part of the reason I didnít do well as manager. I still wanted to do everything myself.

And now I have a cushy desk job, right? Iím an ďoffice managerĒ and a ďcorporate directorĒ and a ďmemberĒ of the limited liability company that owns a kennel that isnít really a kennel. My feet and legs and back should feel the way they did when I was twenty. Sadly, thatís not really the case, especially on a day like this. One thing remains the same, though. I can still tell, in certain parts of my body, when Iíve worked hard enough. Today was such a day.

Earlier this week I admitted to the Boss that Iím falling behind. I blamed it on some of the new reports the government is requiring, and changes in the workers compensation law, and anything I else I could think of that didnít point back at me. I could probably get everything done on time if (a) I really were still twenty, or (2) I put a little more effort into it. Iím always willing to blame myself, to myself. Iím a little less willing to blame myself to the person who pays me. Itís a matter of self-preservation.

Back in the golden olden days, I thought nothing of staying up all night and working on spreadsheets. I thought I was quite the diligent office drone, but it was really just the novelty of having a computer in my own home, and learning bit by bit (almost literally) how to make it work. Nothing I do these days engages me quite that much. I still stay up all night sometimes, but not to work.

11 December 2008

The elves finished up and scampered off.

On the other hand, maybe if I could find a way not to stay up all night, Iíd be able to get a little more work done during the day. Tonight might be one of the few nights Iím able to sleep. At least, my feet and legs and back would like to go to bed early. Thatís what they seem to be telling me, anyway.

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