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Sunday, December 11, 2005

I know Iím always up and running at 11:00 pm, every night of the year, no matter what else is happening. Thatís just a fact of my life, and I could probably say the same thing about midnight and 1:00 am, except that the later I go with this reality, the less people think of my character. I can understand that, because I have relatives who live in farming country. Life begins a little before dawn and ends a little before dusk, and 11:00 pm is a foreign concept.

But just because Iím up at 11:00 pm doesnít mean I expect anyone else to be up at that hour. So I was surprised when Tammy called and asked me if I wanted to come over and watch the Survivor finale with them. I even reminded her that it wouldnít end until 11:00 pm. They have babies in that house and donít often voluntarily stay up late. They take their sleep whenever they can get it.

One of the reasons tonight was convenient for them to stay up was that Kylie had been awake most of the day and was in the middle of a long nap. So she was going to wake up some time during Survivor anyway, and theyíd have to deal with that. And then there was the fact that this was the finale, the end of an entertaining season, and there would be little chance of maintaining the suspense long enough for them to watch a tape of the show.

After all, this show is our national communal campfire. Itís the only entertainment show I watch at the time itís on, commercials and all. Everything else (other than live sporting events) I TiVo. So if weíre all going to be up, and everybodyís going to be talking about it tomorrow, why not watch it together? It hadnít been a great day for me so far, so I gladly agreed to watch with them.

9 December 2005


It was a good decision, because Iím sure I enjoyed it more watching with them than I would have alone, even though we had different favorites we wanted to win. Plus, I got to see Kylie and hold her for a minute, and I got a weepy, tired ďbye, Uncle MikeĒ from Aiden when I left. (And I wasnít even sure he knew I was there, since he spent most of the time sleeping and the rest hanging all over David.)

And it got me away from the work I had to do, and would have been tempted to spend my Sunday evening doing, but which will still be there tomorrow, whether I did it tonight or not. Thereís never any shortage of work during the week, so thereís no compelling reason to ďtry to get it all doneĒ on the weekend, even though I tell myself every weekend thatís what Iím going to do. I was saved from myself by the chance to share a bit of time with my family, although they donít even know it.

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Not to give anything away, because this isnít the place for spoilers (in case thereís anyone who cares but still hasnít watched it), but Iím satisfied with the result, even though my favorite didnít win. I liked everyone in the final four, so I would have been happy no matter what. Plus, the lunatics on the jury behaved just as weirdly as I was hoping, so it was a good way to end the season.

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