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Saturday, December 11, 2004

If you know me at all, you know that Saturday is my favorite day of the week, and also the day Iím the most worthless for getting anything accomplished. Well, that turned around a little bit today. I donít expect it to turn into a trend, but it was a different kind of day from last Saturday, when I slept the whole day away as a prelude to my week of woe.

One reason it wonít become a trend is that I wonít voluntarily get up at eight in the morning without a good reason, and I donít think there are all that many good reasons to get up that early, at least on a Saturday. But I had let the phone company schedule my repair guy any time between 8 am and 8 pm, so I had to be ready. It didnít bother me that he didnít show up until 10:00, because I was fully prepared to wait all day and all night if necessary. It was a relief to have him get here that early.

Less than an hour later, I had my phone back, static-free after three days. He found a bad wire in the box outside and took care of it. He even gave me his card, just in case. I certainly hope I donít have to have him back here any time soon, but he did warn me that Iím at the tail end of a very old phone line, and if anything bad is going to happen when the rains come back next week, Iím probably the guy itís going to happen to.

So I had the rest of the day in front of me, and I have to admit I took advantage of it, for once. I got work done, and I got to immerse myself in the life and times of Dale Earnhardt, whose greatest races were featured on ESPN Classic all day, and whose life story was the subject of a TV movie tonight. Baseball and NASCAR both donít come back until the second week in February, but at least in baseball there are thing happening every day, even in the off season. Two months with no races seems like a long time.

11 December 2004

Festive holiday decor.

And also tonight I finally managed to force a little holiday spirit on myself. I dragged the box of decorations in out of the garage and made a little display on top of the bookcase. Itís not much, but itís bound to help me regain some of the good cheer this past week has drained out of me.

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For example, teams inside the Giantsí own division are making themselves better every day, what with the Dodgers signing Jeff Kent and the Diamondbacks picking up Troy Glaus and Russ Ortiz. The Giants got a head start earlier in the month when they added Omar Vizquel and Armando Benitez. They still need an outfielder, but Iíd hate to see them give up one of their young pitchers unless theyíre getting a potential star player. Scott Podsednik? Okay. Dave Roberts? I donít think so, not at the price of Jerome Williams or Noah Lowry. There will probably be some news from the team in the next day or two.

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