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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Some people love to shop. Not me. I donít hate it, exactly, but I really donít love it. I try to do all my shopping and any related errands during the two hours or so allotted for it in the middle of the day. Going out shopping at night doesnít appeal to me, especially in December. Going out at all doesnít have all that much appeal in December, come to think of it.

Shopping on line has its own frustrations. I should have learned last year that you canít start in December and expect to have everything on time. Even when the online store says something is in stock and available, you might get a message after you order it. Something about delays. Something that includes the word ďsorry.Ē

It doesnít do me much good if I order something for Christmas, expecting it to be here in plenty of time, and then get an email telling me it will be shipped some time in January. Egad, what do I need to do? Start in the middle of summer?

Should have learned last year? I should have learned every year. Iím just slow, I guess.

But today was going to be the only chance I had this week to get any actual physical real-time-and-place shopping done, so I headed out this morning for various malls and plazas on my side of town. I made it to three stores, plus the office supply place, and managed to spend money in all of them. I brought home a trunk full of goodies, and after Iíd laid out everything I had, I pronounced myself almost finished for the season.

5 October 2007

Clouds sneaking by.

I came home a much happier person than Iíd been when I set out. Unfortunately, by the time I got home it was almost two oíclock, and I still hadnít started on the payroll, which has to be mailed tomorrow. Still, I stuck by my plan and set the timer for 40 minutes, and I didnít work past the bell without taking a break. It took me until well past 9:30 pm, working in dribs and drabs this way, but somehow it all got done, and now Iím an even happier person yet.

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