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Friday, December 9, 2005

Itís been awfully hard to find time to sit down and read lately. Iíve been so inundated with work that I canít make myself take enough of a break to get anywhere with the book (now books) Iím reading. Iíd feel guilty if I did, and I couldnít concentrate anyway.

Today, though, for the second time this week, the electricity was out for an hour. The first time was Tuesday, and it happened after dark, so I found out how well the candles Tammy gave me worked. (Very well, in fact, but without giving me enough light to read by.) It was at 5:46 pm, too early in the evening to go to bed, even if I could have made myself relax. So I paced around and cursed the darkness for an hour, for all the good that did.

Today it started at 2:42 pm. I know the time, because thatís when the TiVo recording of General Hospital stopped. I phoned the utility company, and their mystery voice told me that they expected power to be restored between 3:50 pm and 5:50 pm, so I might as well relax and go with it. (I think I just interpreted that last part; I doubt the recording said anything of the kind. It was just implied.)

No computer, no fax, no TV, but plenty of light to read by. It was a very satisfying way to spend what would otherwise have been a frustrating hour. And just as my eyes were getting heavy and I was closing the book, everything came back on. It took me a while to get back up to speed, but maybe an hourís break (exactly an hour, ending at 3:42 pm, for some bizarre reason) was what I needed.

9 December 2005

December sunset.

On the other hand, maybe it wasnít what I needed, because by 5:30 tonight I was again cursing the darkness, and cursing the fact that I would have to work well into the evening to get everything done Iíd promised for tomorrow. Oddly enough, the harder I thought I was working at it, the slower it went. Plus, some of the work Iíd planned to do today got put off until tomorrow, meaning I probably wonít get a chance to take an hour and read. Unless, I guess, the power goes out again.

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While waiting for news from the Giantsí front office, Iíve been checking baseball sites every half hour or so. (In other words, more often than I do during the season, when there are actual games to check the scores of.) Iíll be disappointed if they lose the chance to sign Matt Morris, who would really do well pitching in San Francisco. Today didnít bring me that good news, but I did learn that the Mets, one of the most enterprising teams this off season, have signed Julio Franco. The reason this is news worthy is that Julio Franco is 47 years old, and he signed a two-year contract. No player has ever been as effective as he is at that age. Iíd say itís a good omen for older guys, but itís only a good omen for older guys who work hard twelve months a year to keep their bodies in shape. Iím not a member of that club.

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