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Thursday, December 9, 2004

It was a good news-bad news day, but Iím not even sure which is which any more.

The bad news that I learned first thing this morning is that thereís so much static in my phone line that itís useless, except as an even bigger annoyance than usual. The Boss called early, and I had to plug the phone into the fax machine and call him back on that line. I asked if he wanted me to rig the fax so that I could answer on the same line, but he wanted to leave the fax line open for his interminable paperwork, so that idea didnít hold up.

So I called the phone companyís repair line and they diagnosed the problem, but the earliest they could have anyone come out to fix it is Saturday. Saturday some time between 8 am and 8 pm, that is. I think that means Iíll be staying home Saturday (which no doubt I would have done anyway).

The few calls I got today were almost comical, if you werenít trying to achieve actual communication, person to person. Then it was frustrating. Some of the time I could figure out who was talking and call them back. Other times, it was just a lot of shouting over the noise, to very little effect.

On the other hand, I did feel better than I have in almost a week. I felt so good, in fact, that I decided I needed to get some work done for a change. Once I dove into that pile of paperwork, I almost couldnít find my way out again. There were enough near-miss deadlines to put the scare into me. I had no choice but to keep going until as many crises as possible had been narrowly averted.

Yes, if youíre wondering, I did wear myself out. I promised myself and at least one other person that I wouldnít overdo it today, but I couldnít keep that promise, and tonight Iím paying the price. I donít feel sick in the same way I did most of the week. But Iíve nearly lost my voice and a lot of my enthusiasm. Iím sure Iíll get it back, because I have to. I donít dare get that far behind again.

10 December 2004

Clouds in the eastern sky.

Then there was the matter of the off again-on again bid that was on the table most of the day. It would have required massive energy and a mountain of paperwork to turn in a bid on this project, and even then it was over our bonding limit and chances are the bonding company would have rejected it. I was willing, but weak, and then overwhelmingly grateful when the Boss decided it wasnít worth the effort after all. Thatís the kind of bad news that I choose to look upon as good news.

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Weíve had so much heavy rain this week that the drainage ditches on my road are getting close to full. Iím almost sure the rain has something to do with my phone problem. I just hope itís something that can be fixed quickly and at no cost to me. Since I pay a monthly fee for inside wire repair, there had darn well better be no cost to me.

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