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Friday, December 5, 2008

Before you go accusing me of being a hypocrite, let me admit that in spite of what I wrote yesterday and the day before, I did go to Target today, and I did use my credit card. But hereís the catch: It had nothing to do with Christmas! So Iím off the hook, right? And I hated every minute of it, so at least Iím being consistent in that department.

Actually, no, itís not true. I didnít hate every minute. I hated driving over there, because the traffic at noon was stupid. But the parking lot wasnít packed, the store wasnít crowded, and the line was short. I wonít go as far as to say that the clerk was friendly, but at least she was competent. Really, thatís all I ask for at this time of year. I even left the store with a smile on my face that lasted right up to the moment I pulled back out onto the street.

Now Iím done, for real this time. And Iím pretty sure Iím done talking about it, too, although thereís no guarantee of that. Iíve committed to writing every day between now and January 6 as part of Holidailies, so I canít say for sure what might come to mind when I sit down at the keyboard. I only know that something has to, or Iíll be mortally embarrassed at the blankness of the page.

5 December 2008


Hereís the thing about the shopping today. Both Mom and Suzanne have birthdays this month. Scaling back Christmas doesnít mean birthdays get shredded as well. Iím actually pretty pleased with what Iím getting Suzanne, and Iím satisfied with what Iím getting Mom, too. I know sheíll like it, because she told me what she wanted and I got it. That takes the surprise out of it, but not the fun. Iím not going to say what it is, though, because I like to pretend itís a surprise even when it isnít. I learned that from Santa.

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