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Sunday, December 5, 2004

I seem to have contracted my annual episode of creeping crud. I donít blame it on the job, or the season, or the weather. Maybe I should, because it would be a little easier to deal with if I knew where to point the finger. But itís just one of those things that happens.

Funny, though, how it only happens at this time of year. And itís also a little strange that as soon as the days turn dark and gloomy, a lump of coal lodges itself in my throat and nothing I can do will shake it loose Ė until the sun comes out for more than ten minutes a day.

And whatís really interesting is that this episode, annual though it may be, began at just the time my work load got to its heaviest and most stressful level since, oh, ever. Iím just about ready to tell the Boss to take back his kennel and let me move to some place where the sun shines every day. Like Mercury, for example.

I woke up this morning with sinus drainage that was so bad it made me dizzy and nauseous. I was achy all over and had no appetite. Does it sound like Iím sick? Is it a good enough excuse to spend another day in the twilight zone between half-alive and half-dead?

7 December 2004

Cloudy day.

And why was it that I ate nothing until nearly ten oíclock tonight? Well, I couldnít even look at any real food, for one thing. And I certainly didnít feel up to cooking anything. I knew I had some tomato soup somewhere in the house, but it took me until way late tonight to find it. It was the only thing I felt I could get down, if you can believe that. Canned soup, with soda crackers. It was better than nothing, but barely.

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If I picked twelve of the fifteen NFL games played today correctly, why do I focus on the three I got wrong? Especially the two I lost by one point each? On the other hand, anyone who picked the Bengals to win in Baltimore is welcome to the points. I should have known the Vikings would fold in Chicago, though. I hold myself accountable for that one. Never pick a dome team to win in an outdoor stadium in December. Thatís a rule to live by.

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