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Thursday, December 4, 2008

If itís the thought that counts, then Iím doing fine, because Iíve been doing nothing but thinking. Iím thinking that what people need most is not anything money can buy anyway. Iím thinking material things, given in good faith or not, tend to be put aside fairly quickly and forgotten not long after. Iím thinking that what people remember a year from now about this Christmas will probably have nothing to do with anything that came in a wrapped package. Iím thinking I know better ways to put smiles on childrenís faces than loading them down with a lot of stuff they donít need.

There. Does that justify the thoughts I havenít had this year, like what to buy? For once, Iím not berating myself for not starting my shopping in September. In fact, itís a darn good thing I didnít, because I might not have made it to January. I generally like the process of mulling ideas and sifting thoughts and riffling through catalogues. This year Iím doing it without the catalogues, though, and without overextending the credit cards and without the long lines at Target and Best Buy. Somehow I donít think it will matter in the end. The holiday is what it is, and it has little to do with dollars, and a lot to do with sense.

12 November 2008

Splashes in the sky.

So Iíve made my decisions, and by this weekend my poor excuse for shopping will be done. Then it will be a matter of waiting for the delivery trucks to show up and hoping everything comes together. I have plenty of wrapping paper and ribbon, so thereís one more expense that was out of the way before the money ran out. See how hard Iím working to find silver linings? Iím doing it in the spirit of the season, and because I donít have a choice.

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