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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Making an appointment with the doctor sends me reeling into a spiral of anxiety and depression. So I made an appointment with the Saturn dealer instead. Itís the last time Iíll be covered under the Car Care warranty that I bought with the car five years ago next month, so Iím having them do the works.

Iím also having them make double sure my tires are okay. Tires arenít covered under the warranty, but a few months ago when I was having problems with air pressure, the Boss told me to buy new tires if I felt I needed them. Now, suddenly, Iím getting that feeling. Iíd like this car to last at least another year or two, before I buy the hybrid I lust after, but I canít drive with any confidence on tires that I have doubts about.

Iíve added air to these tires (the left front specifically) twice in the last couple of months. It always looks low to me, although I canít tell if itís an optical illusion or if Iím parked in a depressed spot. Other peopleís tires look rounder than mine, and Iím jealous. I donít want to be stuck at home with tires that arenít round enough to get me from here to there, not to mention back again.

Since I donít have the same doubts about my body (itís definitely round enough, for one thing), Iíll put off the doctor as long as I possibly can. I was going to do that anyway, of course. I always do. I donít have any complaints, and every time I see the doctor he comes up with something I didnít know was wrong.

Iím still not convinced that my blood pressure was ever high enough to warrant the medication he prescribed. Itís an extremely low dose anyway, so I doubt it does anything, and every time I check my own blood pressure itís fine. I think itís just another way for my HMO to get a co-payment out of me every three months. Iím not usually that cynical, but— Oh, wait. Yes I am, about things like this.

1 October 2007


Anyway, Iím eating healthy. Iím working out almost every day. I walk as much as I can find time for. I donít think thereís anything the doctor could tell me to do that Iím not already doing, and if there is, I probably donít want to hear it. I think Iíll wait for him to call me this time. In the meantime, Iíll be driving around on nice, round tires, and that will improve my outlook on life, and so probably my health as well.

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