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Thursday, December 4, 2003

I really have to stop watching the Food Network, because it's making me think I can find my way around the kitchen. Today's trip to the supermarket was probably a mistake. I just know that the lemons and onions I brought home won't ever get used. It's a good thing I couldn't find the scallions, or something else would have gone to waste, too.

But it looks so easy when they do it. I don't even have the right kind of knives to chop fresh vegetables and herbs, much less the skill to know what to do with them. I don't have a grill pan or a food processor, so I couldn't make all those recipes even if I did know what I was doing.

These experts know so much more than I do that they're making me crave foods I know I don't even like. I watched people diving into zucchini and eggplant today, and I thought, "I want some of that." But no, I probably don't. I might be willing to try it again, though, instead of rejecting it outright. A little open-mindedness isn't a bad thing.

Potatoes aren't exactly my specialty, but I'm more comfortable peeling, slicing and cooking them than I am with anything else. I have a couple of recipes that people have given me that I've managed to make edible. Just because my dream of being the Rosemary Potato Guy was an inedible failure doesn't mean there isn't a potato dish in my future, something that will get me invited places.

And at least I didn't buy any eggplant or zucchini at the store, so I haven't completely lost my mind. Some day maybe I'll make one of those tangy grilled vegetable sandwiches that Rachael made on her show today. Not until I've figured out what to do with all these lemons and onions, though.

4 December 2003

Cat in the rain (shot from under the back porch overhang).

Hey, but I do have a boatload of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. And I know how to use it (more or less).

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Netflix can do no wrong, in my book, so imagine my shock when the version of Night of the Living Dead they sent me wasn't the original 1968 classic, but the re-shot, re-edited 1998 Thirtieth Anniversary Edition. I'm a purist when it comes to art, even horror movies, so I didn't even watch it. Instead I went back to the Netflix site and found what I think is a version of the movie that hasn't been tampered with. I put it at the top of my rental queue (just ahead of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, which I'm dying to see again).

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