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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Since I donít eat out very often, I was at a loss when Tammy phoned and asked me where I might want to meet her and David and the kids for dinner tonight. Whenever I do go out, I always make the other person pick the restaurant, and she picked Johnny Garlicís. Youíve heard of it if youíve watched the Food Network and seen Guy Fieriís show. Itís his place.

It turned out to be an extremely family-friendly place, too. We put that to the test, with four kids from two to eight, three of them highly verbal and all of them with food issues, as is the case with most kids, of course. (Adults, too, come to think of it.)

Not only was there something for everybody there, but the service was outstanding. Our waitress asked the kids if they wanted to fill up their own soda glasses, then took them each to do so. She also noticed who was eating what and made accommodations so that everyone was happy. I canít recommend the place highly enough.

When I walked in, Kylie sweetly asked me to sit next to her on the bench, and then she showed me the page she was coloring on. I think sheíd only made a couple of pink lines on it, but I told her what a wonderful artist she was. ďDo you want to take it home,Ē she asked, ďand put it on your refrigerator?Ē Yeah, sheís two. How about that?

It was fun to see all six of them. I donít get that chance very often, but I think weíve found a place where they know the kids will be indulged. A lot of places merely tolerate, but here they make it fun for everyone, which makes things much easier and makes the place more inviting.

22 November 2007


Itís so tempting, now that Iím starting to feel better, to push myself beyond the comfort zone. Iím now setting the timer for 30 minutes instead of 20, and itís getting harder to quit working when the bell goes off. I have to make sure I donít forget how hard it was to get anything done when I couldnít move my neck. It makes more sense to pace myself. I think I can even sell that theory to the Boss, if I phrase it right.

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