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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Thereís something to be said for this new dietary plan that Iíve been on since the new HMO sent me their handbook. One thing that can be said is that Iím hungry a lot more of the time, but I donít think thatís necessarily a bad thing. If youíre full all the time, youíre probably eating too much. I didnít need a handbook to tell me that.

The compensation (such as it is) is that I get to eat more often, because Iím eating smaller portions. Thatís part of the gospel they preach. When you look at the food pyramid, at first you get the impression that you can eat a lot of good stuff, maybe all day every day. But no, thatís wrong. Regrettably, eleven portions of bread and cereal doesnít mean six hero sandwiches and five bowls of Corn Pops (believe it or not).

So Iíve been conscious of the size of the portions I serve myself. One egg: one serving of protein. One chicken breast: way more than a single serving. And besides being a healthier way to eat, the system also saves on groceries. I can stretch leftovers over a much longer period of time if I donít bolt them all down the next day.

9 August 2005

Vision in the clouds.

I still have one big meal a day, but itís not nearly as big as it was before I got the handbook. And now I have lots of little meals, all day long. Half a bagel with nothing on it, for example. An apple or a banana. Iíve managed to stay off the snack foods that I used to eat just to keep my hands busy more than to ease my hunger. No more cookies or chips, not even a granola bar these days. Less oil, not as much sauce, and hardly any butter at all. Itís a grand life, it is.

So far I havenít felt much difference in my body, but itís doing wonders for my attitude. Itís a good thing, too, because thatís the only way Iíll ever convince myself itís worth it to keep this up.

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Along about the fourth or fifth inning of a game that your team is losing, 7-1, you start to ask yourself, ďWhy am I still here?Ē Thatís especially true if the game is in Atlanta, where the fans bray this obnoxious chant whenever their team does well. (Which is most of the time, by the way.) But at least it only lasted two and a half hours. Itís just that I thought that when the Giants played a good team they would lift the level of their game. Instead, they got buried a little deeper.

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