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Monday, August 9, 2004

In the interest of taking care of business (and taking care of myself), I instituted some new routines around here today. This isn't a "resolution," or a promise I made to myself or anyone else. It's just a different way of doing things that I want to try, because I think it will work out better than the slipshod mishmash of slapdash effort that has been kind of hit and miss in its effectiveness, if you know what I mean.

The plan was to get more work done by minimizing the distractions. I've been laboring (sort of) under the assumption that I could have the TV on all day and be productive, as long as nothing compelling was playing. That leaves a lot of wiggle room, since there's plenty of non-compelling television available. So I got sort of halfway hooked on the ABC soaps. Sad, but true.

I never felt that I had to watch every minute of every episode. That's good, because otherwise I really wouldn't have got any work done. Mostly, I sort of liked the idea that people were leading their lives inside the little window, and that they would go on living (and loving and hating and stealing and cheating) with or without me. Well, now they'll be doing it without me.

Today I managed to keep busy all day with nothing on but the stereo. No, wait. That doesn't sound right. I played innocuous smooth jazz from my extensive collection (plus a little real jazz, some Brubeck and some Monk) while I got more work done than I thought was possible on a Monday.

I think I was half hoping it wouldn't work out that way, so that I could go back to living with the Chandlers, Buchanans and Quartermaines, but I liked the feeling of getting through my to-do list so much that I'll keep at it for a while. For now, at least.

Plus, it looked really good when Tim dropped by unexpectedly this afternoon and the TV was emphatically off. If anything, that reinforced my conclusion that I was doing the right thing.

18 July 2004

Clouds over Shasta Lake.

Oh, I won't give up on General Hospital, don't worry about that. I'll just TiVo it and watch it later, after hours. I'm glad I did that today, because it was a big payoff day for those of us who are of a romantic bent. It was the kind of day that makes all those tedious who's-my-baby's-father episodes almost worth enduring.

And with the Olympics starting this weekend, I can't promise I won't have the Games on whenever I'm home to watch (which is pretty much 24/7, or at least 22/7).

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