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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

So far, only one of us has a birthday in August, and thatís Dakota, who turned five today. I guess weíll know in about three weeks (if not sooner) whether heíll share his birthday month with his baby sister or keep it for himself. I donít think it matters much to him either way.

He did really well tonight at the party. It was just family and very close friends, not a big blow-out, not with Kylie on the way so soon. But still, I donít know how Tammy does it. Sheís a born party giver, I guess, because there were dinosaur decorations and a dinosaur cake and good food and good times, all of it thrown together in the last 24 hours. And, you know, sheís also eight months pregnant with a very active baby.

Dakota was a little overwhelmed as people started arriving, but he got into his groove. He had two new big rubbery dinosaurs to play with, and that kept his busy brain productively occupied for a good long time. Heís not the most verbal five-year-old around, but he can say Stegosaurus and T-Rex and know what heís talking about. He can even say herbivore and carnivore, just like his big brother.

And for the most part his big brother gave him center stage tonight. His little brother? Not so much. Aiden was, as usual, the life of the party, performing stunts and spreading his cheery smile around. Unlike Dakota (and very much like D.J.), heís a highly verbal child, especially for fourteen months old. Some of his jabbering is just jabbering, but thereís always a point to it, and you can always find a word here and there to hang some meaning on. And he knows heís funny (which Iím sure will pay rich dividends later on).

10 August 2005

Dakota knows what to do to a birthday candle.

Dakota was a champion at present-opening time. He listened as Tammy read him his cards. He was interested in everything he got and able to express his thanks. And he didnít forget about what he got, either. Later, after he had gone to bed, he kept sneaking out to take one more thing out of the pile and take it back to bed with him. And because his baby sister wasnít born today, heíll always have this day to himself. We canít be sure about the month yet, though.

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In the end it was just another loss, but it was a difficult loss after the Giants wasted a stirring ninth-inning comeback off Braves ace John Smoltz to send the game into extra innings. They lasted until they ran out of players. You know youíre in trouble when you have to use a pitcher as a pinch hitter and then have to use last Sundayís starter as a reliever. Thatís what happened to the Giants in the twelfth, and they lost to the Braves, 5-4, turning what could have been the most stirring comeback win of the season into, well, just another loss.

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"It's inspiring to see how far he's come in a year, and I look forward to see the progress he'll have made a year from today, when he turns five."

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