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Monday, August 8, 2005

Let me tell you something about deadbeat dads: they can run, but they canít hide. Or they can hide, but they canít escape. If they do want to escape, they have to change their names and social security numbers (at the very least).

We have a new champion. A fellow we hired three weeks ago is being sought by two different counties. I got both support orders in the mail over the weekend, but I waited until after working hours today to fill out all the paperwork. I hate anything that takes me out of my routine, but I have to let the Boss do it when he asks to have something done immediately. I donít have to let Alameda and San Joaquin Counties interrupt my bill paying.

Itís funny how different the two counties are in their demands. San Joaquin County is out in the valley, in a mostly rural area. They sent me one sheet of paper. I had to check a box and sign my name. Alameda County is on the Bay, all urban. Itís where Oakland is. They sent me a package three-quarters of an inch thick, with quadruplicate copies of many, many sheets with many, many blanks to fill in.

And yet, in the end, I only had to fill out two sheets for Alameda County, because most of the excess tonnage dealt with health insurance for the employeeís child, and since he doesnít qualify for our insurance, all I had to do was sign a statement that said he was part time. But I do have to start deducting $74.10 from his wages every week, starting immediately.

If heís like a lot of deadbeats, heíll move on as soon as he knows the two counties have caught up with him again. Then I have to fill out another form that lets them know heís not working for us any more. I donít mind the paperwork, but I resent the employee for making me take time that I donít have to do it. And for not paying his child support. I resent him for that, too.

8 August 2005

High-flying dragonflies.

I also got last weekís time cards today, but the extra paperwork kept me from starting on the paychecks. I noticed that Tim hired two and fired one this week. Thatís a little excessive, but at least itís not something he does every week. Thatís more like a monthís worth of hirings and firings, most of the time. But itís even more paperwork for me, which is all I really care about at this point.

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You are all sad because Peter Jennings died, and so am I. But Iím also sad to hear of the death of Gene Mauch, one of baseballís great managers who led two different teams to the worst defeats in their respective histories. He was manager of the 1964 Phillies when they lost ten in a row and blew a 6 1/2 game lead with 12 to go. And he managed the Angels when they were an out away from winning the 1986 AL championship but lost that game on Dave Hendersonís infamous home run off Donnie Moore (who later committed suicide), then lost the playoff series to the Red Sox. No wonder he always looked as if heíd just swallowed his chaw. Baseball is a funny game sometimes.

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