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April 22, 2000

This is either my slacker mentality asserting itself, or the sudden awakening to a basic fact, but I realized tonight, after spending the whole day in constant motion, that I don't have to finish packing everything by tomorrow. I have all week to pick up whatever gets left behind. I just have to be sure that anything I'll need, plus anything that won't fit in my car, is ready when the trailer arrives at eight tomorrow morning.

Some things I'm leaving behind on purpose, at least for the week between moving and turning over the old place to the landlord. I'll be back every day to do whatever cleaning I can, so I'm not taking all my cleaning supplies.

Anything else that is overlooked can be retrieved during the week. There won't be much that falls into this category, because I've been so diligent about seeing that everything is ready to go. I'll leave the posters on the walls, and I'll have trash bags here to get ready for one last trip to the dumps next weekend. This retreat from the idea that everything had to be done at once came to me a little late in this process, but it's been a huge relief to me tonight. Out of such small things comes peace of mind.

Anyway, I've been more than a little obsessive about moving all the Stuff that would fit into my car during my one or two trips per day between locations. That's obvious from this picture of what will be my file and equipment room; everything to do with the office, other than the computer and peripherals, will be in here. And there is an equally impressive collection of Stuff in the middle bedroom. I've tried to leave space in both rooms for the furniture that we're delivering tomorrow, but I won't be sure I've done it right until everything's in place.

I want to thank everyone who's wished me well in this move. I know that any problems or hardships I've described here are dwarfed by the daily tragedies and tribulations that go on in homes around the world. I tend to be self-absorbed when I'm in the midst of what is a life-changing situation for me, but that doesn't mean I think I'm describing anything that's worth a second glance to someone going through the bigger joys and pains of real life and death. I've tried to keep an upbeat attitude about this, because it really is a positive move for me. I've slipped once or twice, and I appreciate anyone who's had a good thought, expressed or not. It really has helped. Let me know if I can do anything for you in return.

There should be an entry up some time Monday, if real life doesn't intervene and if nothing goes wrong. I hope to get back on a regular schedule as soon as possible. Writing a few lines here every day has enhanced my life far more than a mere change in physical location could do.

I also want to thank everyone on my notify list. You know who you are, but it's available to anyone who wants to know when bunt sign is updated.

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