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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Summer hit a couple of months early here in the North Bay. There was just enough of a breeze late in the afternoon to keep the heat from being oppressive, but this is something weíre not used to. Itís been a long, dreary winter, and Iím not sure itís completely over just yet, but it was great to see this kind of a day stuck in the middle of April.

This was also the first game for Ericís baseball team, and as much as I enjoyed the game (or the part of it I saw), I think I got a little too much of that wonderful sunshine. I could feel it at the time, and I could feel it even more later in the day. If past experience prevails, Iíll feel it for a day or two and then Iíll be fine. I donít usually burn badly, but today I did burn kind of stupidly. I just wasnít prepared for a couple of hours in sunshine like this.

Iím glad I went. I got to see Eric hit a two-run double. Aiden and Kylie were there, and I think some adults as well, but with Aiden and Kylie around there isnít much time for paying close attention to the game, or for chitchat that doesnít involve them. They always have something to say, and itís almost always amusing in some way. At one point Kylie asked, ďWhat are you guys laughing at?Ē I couldnít honestly tell her, because I think it was just general happiness at being out in the summery sun with two lively sprites.

15 April 2009

Only one branch of this small oak has leaves.

I came home before it was over, with Ericís team comfortably ahead (although thereís no way I could tell you the score or the inning). I had the intention of spending the rest of the day doing nothing, but I couldnít resist getting some work done. I somehow crossed six of the quarterly tax items off my to-do list, leaving four more to go. That gives me confidence that Iíll finish before the end of the month, since itís ten whole days away and thereís another weekend between now and then.

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Giants 2, Diamondbacks 0. Hereís what passes for a successful rally when weíre talking about the Giantsí offense so far this season. In the bottom of the fourth they loaded the bases with no outs and were lucky to get one run on a one-out sacrifice fly by Travis Ishikawa. They loaded the bases again with no outs in the eighth and were lucky to get one run on a double play. Pitching against his old team, Randy Johnson didnít give up a hit until Augie Ojedaís double leading off the seventh, then got out of the inning on a couple of ground balls and a strikeout. Unlike yesterday, the bullpen did their job and an outstanding start didnít go to waste. And thatís how you score four runs in a three-game series yet win the series.

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