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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

For the last month and a half, Julie has been doing exhaustive research into our insurance alternatives. The one thing we know for sure is that the company has been paying too much for health insurance. Itís an expense that has to be cut back, or weíre in danger of something very bad happening. And now weíre two days from the deadline to make changes.

First of all, I donít know why thereís a deadline. For some reason, employers can make changes in their plans only within certain time windows, once or twice a year. Anyway, now it looks as if weíll be changing insurance plans as of May 1. But I still have no idea what that change will mean, and I donít think anyone else does either.

The Boss phoned me at 8:00 this morning and told me what he was doing. He said he was going to call our agent and tell him we want to make a change, and then leave it up to him to pick the best plan available for the money we want to spend. What about the work Julie has put in on comparing the choices, I asked him. He told me that he was unhappy with the one she thought was best, because it was just a cheaper version of the plan we have now.

Excuse me, but isnít that exactly what we wanted? Wasnít that her mandate? But no, someone got in his ear and made happy noises about a different HMO that they really, really liked. We have nothing but someoneís random opinion, but in my heart I know that means more to him than the hard work of someone he likes to argue with.

He gets a perverse pleasure out of disagreeing with people who know more than he does, and heíd rather take the advice of another person, someone he has no history with. Thatís probably for the best, as far as Julie is concerned. Now if heís unhappy with the choice, he canít throw the blame back in her face. He loves to do that, too.

8 April 2005

Clouds arriving from the southeast.

As of now, I still donít know whatís happening. He wanted my opinion, but I didnít do the research, so all I told him was that Iím happy with the plan we have, but I donít mind changing. I never go to the doctor anyway, so Iím probably not going to be affected as much as others. I just donít want to have to take a physical to qualify for the new plan, because (as I told him) at my age, thereís always the chance theyíd find something that would exclude me. Then where would we be?

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The Giants lost tonightís game early instead of late. That didnít make it any easier to take, but it made it easier for me to turn away and watch American Idol and The Amazing Race instead. The Padres chased Giants starter Jerome Williams in the fourth inning when they took a 4-2 lead. They scored another run in the fifth and won it, 5-2. The last four innings were pretty much a formality. It wasnít a very good road trip, two wins and five losses, but the Giants are home tomorrow and for the next week.

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