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Monday, April 20, 2009

It amazes me (a little bit) how quickly Iíve adapted to a plant-based diet. This is day fifteen, and not only do I not crave meat and dairy (at all), but the thought of eating a hamburger and drinking a milkshake, which would have been very enticing not so long ago, leaves me feeling the way the idea of soy yogurt or a spinach soufflť used to.

Halfway through the experiment, my inclination is to believe that it will continue after the four weeks are up. Itís not just that I feel healthier and lighter. Itís not just that I have more energy. Itís that I feel good about what Iím doing for myself. Yes, Iím doing something good for animals, too, and for the planet, and all that counts for something. But Iíve taken a step toward a lifestyle that will keep me going longer (and better), and it has affected how I think of myself.

Of course, it hasnít solved all my problems (not that I expected it to). Iím still short on sleep and burdened with allergies that can make breathing a strain. I still give in to the stresses of daily life, whether at the computer or behind the wheel. Iím still the same person, but I might be an advanced version, one with a more positive attitude more of the time. Definitely a work in progress, but at least there is progress.

15 April 2009

The sunset oak on an afternoon in mid April.

And tonight I made pizza! I never made pizza back when I was eating meat, but this was at least as good as anything Iíve heated up from the freezer, and better than some Iíve had in restaurants. It had spinach and mushrooms and onions and tomatoes (of course) and olives, plus the secret ingredient. I defrosted a veggie burger and chopped it up and crumbled it over the pie, and it was as good as any sausage pizza Iíve ever had. And sausage used to be my favorite. Now I have even less reason to miss it.

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No game today. The weekend series against the Diamondbacks, during which two actual major league teams scored a total of six runs in three games, is closer to what we expected of Giants games this season than anything that happened on the disastrous road trip last week. Good pitching? The three starters combined to give up zero runs? Weak hitting? It sort of speaks for itself after three straight 2-0 games. But Iíll take this over sloppy slugfests any time. Hitting can be acquired, if (as I suspect) the division stays close all season. Pitching, the kind the Giants have, isnít as easy to come by and needs to be protected. If we could just wipe out the first week of the season, Iíd be a happy fan.

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