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Thursday, April 15, 2004

The worst thing I did today was go to the grocery store without my list. I came home with things I didn't need (another can of garbanzo beans) and without things I did need (it's a little hard to make a tuna salad sandwich on a baguette if you don't have any baguettes).

And it took me much longer than usual to pick up the five or six items I did get, because I was in a different store from the one where I usually shop. I went out of my way because I couldn't find the sun-dried tomatoes (for the tuna salad; oh, it's going to be good) in my regular market. In the new store they were right there with the artichoke hearts, which I did find without difficulty at the usual place (again, for the salad; again, ooh).

Well, and the tuna. They didn't have any tuna steaks at store number one, so I made the special trip to number two. I could use canned tuna, but I want to poach it. (Well, that's how Rachael did it on her show, although in her book she has the recipe with canned tuna and doesn't even mention poaching a tuna steak).

So I have to go back to the grocery store tomorrow, to pick up the rest of the recipe. That would be the baguettes, but I also want some wax beans and green onions, because I plan to make a bean salad. Might as well use up all those garbanzos, you know. (And you probably call them chickpeas anyway; Rachael does.)

18 March 2004

Figures in the sky.

I didn't cook at all tonight, so it didn't matter. I had dinner with Tammy and David and the boys. I took them my leftover snow pea stir-fry, but it wasn't on the menu. I insisted that they take it up to the lake with them for the weekend. They're celebrating the date a year ago when they met. It would be like a second honeymoon, except they haven't had the first yet. (Or maybe they just haven't finished it.)

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Since the Giants were off today, I'll just say that I (1) agree with Trump's decision on The Apprentice, (2) disagree with the voters on American Idol, and (3) can't believe the person voted out of Survivor didn't see it coming. Why? (1) Omarosa should have been fired midway through last week's episode. (2) Even the person who came in next-to-last thought it was time to leave, instead of the person who did leave. (3) On the other hand, I didn't see it coming either, but I should have.

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