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Sunday, April 11, 2004

I love Easter, and it has nothing to do with religion. (Trust me on that. Except for the fact that if not for the religious origin, there would be no Easter, the True Meaning of the day isn't why I love it.) Easter is one of the few days a year when the family gets together without any outside pressures or obligations. It's just a day to enjoy each other's company.

Sure, some of us go to church, and some of us don't. That's fine, for whatever it's worth. All of us gather for dinner, and that's what really matters (to me).

Last year on Easter weekend, David disappeared. He showed up late on Sunday, so tired he couldn't talk. Little did we know that all of our lives would change, because that was when he met Tammy. Now, less than a year later, they're married with a baby (number three) on the way (in less than two months). Needless to say, this Easter meant something completely different from last Easter.

David was with us this year, as were Tammy, D.J. and Dakota. Of course we talked about the events of a year ago, and we're still fitting together as a family with a slightly altered structure and different dynamic. We're learning about each other, and seeing ourselves through different eyes. We're the same people we were last year, but our lives have changed dramatically.

It's a wonderful new world we're living in, and what better day than Easter, with all it symbolizes, to celebrate.

11 April 2004

Tammy thinks Aiden will be born in May, although the due date is in June.

The past week has been filled with celebrations. Just to make up for short-changing Eric on his birthday (as if he cares), we celebrated that happy occasion today as well. This is spring break week, too, so some of our obligations will be a little different from usual. As if to remind me that tomorrow is just another Monday for me, the Boss faxed two long letters today for me to type. I could have done them tonight after I got home from dinner at Suzanne's, but instead I'll just use them to ease into my work week tomorrow morning.

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The Giants finally won a game in the new ballpark in San Diego tonight (6-3), after losing the first two times they played there. They had to come from behind in the late innings to do it, but they succeeded in front of a national television audience, and tomorrow they play their first home game of the season, so things are looking up all of a sudden.

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