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Monday, April 17, 2006

Considering the fact that I got all the taxes taken care of over the weekend (and in the mail yesterday so that I wouldn’t have to go near the post office today), this was a more than usually stressful Monday. And even though I didn’t go to the post office, I did have to stand in line at FedEx, because of something the Boss decided at the last minute I had to send him overnight, and at the bank, where everyone who wasn’t at the post office was already waiting in front of me.

While I was at the bank I decided to pick up a few groceries. Actually, I decided before I left the house, but when I reached into my pocket for the grocery list, it wasn’t there. I know how dangerous it is to do any food shopping without a list, but I decided to chance it. You never know when you might be stuck at home with no way to go out and get bread and milk and bell peppers and wild mushrooms.

I think I did pretty well. In fact, when I got home and found the list, I had bought everything on it (except soda, which I can do without), and almost nothing that wasn’t on it. It doesn’t usually work out that way. Maybe my concentration was focused by the fact that the supermarket is in the middle of an endless remodel, and half of the things that might have tempted me were nowhere to be found anyway. They’ve made a royal mess of that store, and I managed to work that fact into my conversation with the checker.

17 April 2006

Clouds moving east.

There were crises throughout the day, and I began to cringe every time I heard the phone ring. Even more than I usually cringe, that is. I thought by working all weekend I had insulated myself from a bad Monday, but this was one that I couldn’t get through fast enough. I appreciated every phone call I did get today that wasn’t toxic, though they were few and far between.

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If you give a pitcher a seven-run lead in the first three innings, he should be able to last the five innings it takes to get credited with the win. The Giants did that for Jeff Fassero tonight in Phoenix, but they must have forgotten that he’s 43 years old, because he had to run the bases three times (scoring twice from first base). Plus, he was an emergency starter, ripped from the bullpen because the Giants are so short on pitching. So after he gave up two home runs in the fifth without getting anyone out, he was lifted, and the rest of the relief crew took over for the rest of the game. By the sixth inning, they had gone through four pitchers and were trailing the Diamondbacks, 9-7.

A team that blows a 7-0 lead probably shouldn’t expect to win, but a team that plays hard every inning is going to win its share of such games. That’s what the Giants did tonight, coming back with two runs in the eighth on a home run by Mark Sweeney, and the game-winner in the ninth on a sacrifice fly by Steve Finley, to take the game, 10-9.

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