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Monday, September 8, 2008

This morning I woke up to the most beautiful fog layer Iíve ever seen in my life. It wasnít just the striking gray sky and shrouded hilltops, but also the fact that the sun was well-hidden. That sun. Itís been a menace for the last week, and Iíve been moving in slow motion. I read somewhere that weíve had more 100ļF-plus days this year than in the last four years combined. Thatís not what itís supposed to be like living in the North Bay. Itís what it must be like living on Venus.

Coming back down to earth today improved my mood a lot. Okay, a little. After all, it was a Monday, with all the minor irritations that keep a day from being all it can be. But I have to say, itís a lot easier to take on a day when the temperature doesnít get into triple digits. Low eighties? Thatís perfect, and thatís what they promise for the next few days. Itís like being dropped into spring, after a week of walking through soup.

During the heat wave, it was nearly impossible for me to get all my work done. I worked as long as I could at one time, and then sat in front of the cooler for as long as it took. Unfortunately, it usually took so long that I ended up working well into the night. I donít mind doing that some of the time, but Iím not ambitious enough or dedicated enough to feel that I have to work late every day. If the only time I can get anything done is after the sun goes down, I feel I should be allowed to sleep later in the morning. Thatís a compromise Iíd buy into.

4 September 2008

Aiden (just because).

In case I havenít mentioned it, Iím officially disenchanted with the air cooler I bought earlier this summer. I never expected to have to use it this much, and itís been a big disappointment. I thought it would cool the whole room, which would have been the justification for spending the money on it. That would have made it possible to work more. As it is, it works as an excuse to sit more and work less, because the only time I feel cool on those days is when itís blowing directly at me. Iím so glad that I havenít had to use it at all for two days in a row, and Iíll be content if I can drain it and put it away until next summer, which I assume will not be this hot again.

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