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Thursday, September 8, 2005

Thereís a lot to be said for the trains running on time. Routine isnít the same as rut, even though it has the same route. Uh, root. (Actually, I have no idea if it has the same root.) Normal is good, isnít it? Otherwise, wouldnít we redefine normal, if we could?

It was good today to get back into a familiar routine. Almost. Iím not quite there yet, but Iím working my way back to something Iím comfortable with. Like an old sweater. Thereís nothing wrong with an old sweater, or an old pair of tennis shoes, is there? I mean, sometimes itís nice to have a new pair, but they fit better when theyíve been around the block a couple of times.

Obviously, I need a break in routine every so often. I havenít had nearly enough of them this year. And all the frothing excitement of the last week has been a thrilling adventure, a rollercoaster ride on a wobbly track. But do you know what I feel when the rollercoaster ride is over? Relief, usually.

6 September 2005

Eric and Aiden at the hospital Tuesday, waiting for Kylie.

I think itíll be a few more days before Iím comfortably rolling along with life again. And itíll undoubtedly be a little longer than that before Kylie and her family can feel the sweet peace of being in a comfortable rut. Theyíll want to enjoy every bit of this journey, as the new world is opened up for discovery. Iím lucky to have a window seat, because thereís nothing greater than watching a child invent herself and discover her place in the family. But itíll be a lot less stressful when thereís a little more structure to the days and nights. Just as exciting, but without the trauma.

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The Cubs brought a little too much Nomar into SBC Park tonight. He drove in the first run in their three-run first-inning rally, and his double in the seventh broke a 3-3 tie and gave them a 5-3 win over the Giants, breaking Noah Lowryís six-game winning streak. With a couple of breaks over the last few days, the Giants could be within three or four games of the first-place Padres. Instead, they find themselves seven games back and fading rapidly. There might be one more chance to turn the season around, but theyíd better be ready for it when it comes. Otherwise theyíll be packing up for the winter the first weekend in October.

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