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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Well, shoot. I can look at the photos I took at Kylieís birthday party today, but I canít show them to you because theyíre stuck in my camera and I have no way of getting them out. I left my memory card at home in the card reader this morning, but the camera has enough internal memory for fifteen pictures, which I took at the party. There are some good ones, too, as youíd suspect, knowing the subject matter.

But the internal A/V port on the camera is defective, and even the new cable I bought a few months ago is of no help. I wonít make that mistake again, forgetting to replace the memory card, but itís too late for this birthday. Iím glad someone else had a camera, but that doesnít do you any good.

With luck, Iíll get another chance to take pictures of Kylie some time soon. Sheís a beautiful two-year-old whose actual birthday, last Thursday, was also her first day of school. She goes to the same preschool where Aiden started last week. Tammy wasnít ready to let her go yet, but she was offended that her three-year-old brother got to go and she didnít. So they signed her up. She just had to wait until she actually turned two before she could start. And I guess she did all right on her first day, too. Iím sure she was the most beautiful little girl in the room, because she always is.

In every picture I took (that you canít see), she has that big, beaming smile on her face. In some of them she has pink frosting on her face as well. I almost got her blowing out her candles, and I have several of her opening presents. She spent most of that time very carefully passing out the wrapping paper to the people sitting around the room. She seemed to think carefully about who would get which piece of paper as she tore it off each package. I think she made a pretty fair distribution, too, and everyone was glad to get their share. Sheíll appreciate the presents more as she gets time to examine and explore them.

12 July 2007

Sunset clouds through the garden.

Because Kylieís party was actually a brunch, I didnít get up early enough to do my morning workout. In fact, I barely got up in time for brunch, but at least I can say this was the first day since I started that I didnít work out, and Iíll be right back at it tomorrow. Or Monday, at the latest.

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