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Monday, September 1, 2008

I could get addicted to The Weather Channel, but somehow I doubt that itís always as spellbinding as it was today. I donít ever sit and watch news or sports as long at one sitting as I did today, watching the hurricane coverage. Gustav apparently wasnít as bad as it could have been; unfortunately, it was still pretty bad. ďIt could have been worseĒ is small consolation to those affected. I only know I tried to be as much a part of their suffering as I could be, from way out here in California. We donít have hurricanes, so all I can do is project.

This being Labor Day, I of course worked as little as possible. For me, that means a fairly normal Monday, because anything I donít do today gets pushed into Tuesday, which is already a fairly crowded day. But this being a holiday also means that I get to sleep as late as I want to, if I can, which I couldnít because I woke up at the regular Monday time and got up and got at it. But I took a midday break for coffee with a friend, so it wasnít a typical Monday at all. Or a typical holiday.

Thereís actually a saturation point with The Weather Channel, and I think it comes when you hear the same information and see the same videos every ten minutes or so. Thatís how you know thereís no new news. They tell you (a) whatís already happened, over and over again, and (2) what they think might happen, despite the fact that they really donít know. Thatís a good cure for addiction to the channel, although Iíll be right back with them when Hanna hits the Southeast.

5 August 2008

Western cloudscape.

My big plan was to get back to work tonight and get even more of a head start on the rest of the shortened week. As usual, I flaked. Iím reading the recent Joyce Carol Oates book thatís not about the Jon-Benet Ramsay case, and I finally got to the point where the six-year-old skating prodigy in New Jersey goes missing, so I kept reading past the time I planned to work and on and on until I couldnít focus on the words any more. Then I watched the late tennis match and popped a frozen pizza in the oven. Thatís actually my idea of a holiday well spent. (And those arenít spoilers, because I havenít revealed anything that isnít in the first couple of pages of the book.)

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