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Monday, September 1, 2003

How happy am I that August is over? Well, I don't know. I'm glad the stresses that have made the road so bumpy over the last month seem to be easing up a bit. Even on this long weekend the air seemed a little thick and heavy. There hasn't been any letup in the barrage for so long I'm not sure I know how to take things easy any more.

But I got a chance today. The weekend was salvaged by an invitation from Tammy and David to a barbecue at their house. I hope I wasn't invited for my sparkling company, because I don't think I provided much. I'm still dragging my weary bones around and trying to remember how to smile.

It gets a lot easier when I'm around my nephew and his family, though. And frankly, I'm content to sit in the corner and watch the kids buzz back and forth. It's better if every so often they stop and say something to me, and I can usually count on that. Dakota even took a bite of my hamburger bun, which was a totally unexpected treat.

I'm not the only one trying to bear up under extra stress, and I know it. Tammy and David are dealing with the pressures of a wedding that's now just over four months away. And there are other outside forces that a young couple has to deal with, especially when they're setting up a home for two small children. I admire them for the steadfastness of their commitment to do the right thing. That comes from their commitment to each other, which I also admire.

We had a good day, in spite of the stresses conspiring against all of us. I guess that's what life is, making the best out of the hard times so you can get the most pleasure from the good times. Whatever doesn't tear you apart holds you together. I'm happy they let me share the day with them. It ends my weekend and begins the new month on a good note.

31 August 2003

Once again I forgot to take the photo of Tammy's ring that I promised, so here's the wisteria instead.

Dakota's laugh, and hearing him say, "Ready! Set! Go!" D.J. playing left-handed air guitar and singing with his uniquely dramatic array of gestures and facial expressions. These are a few of my favorite things.

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By the sheerest coincidence, I got to their house just as the Giants' game was starting, and I left right after it ended. The team just completed a four-game series in Phoenix in which they scored a total of eleven runs. That's a pretty pathetic offensive output, until you consider that the Diamondbacks scored just seven runs in those four games. Barry Bonds spent the night in the hospital, then came up in the ninth inning of a scoreless tie today and whacked a two-run single that gave the Giants a 2-0 win. He says he doesn't like to play extra innings.

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