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Saturday, September 1, 2007

In the nearly two weeks since I saw the doctor, Iíve changed my lifestyle. A little. In accordance with his instructions. Sort of.

For example, I havenít missed a day of low-impact workouts during that time. The fact that I have to stop after eight minutes doesnít negate the fact that Iím making the effort (although it might not lead to any positive results). The very day of my appointment, I came home and looked up exercise equipment online. I very quickly decided that an elliptical trainer for $3,199 wasnít going to happen, so instead I ordered a $12.99 Gilad DVD from Amazon.

The first morning, I tried to design my own aerobics program, based on what I remembered from old videos discarded years ago. It didnít work out very well. And neither did I.

But while searching my DirecTV program guide for exercise shows, I discovered that Denise Austin was on every morning on ESPN Classic (channel 208). Sheís on at 4:30 am, which is ridiculous, but thatís what DVRs are for, right? So while waiting for my DVD to get here, Iíve been working out with Denise every morning. The shows are from about ten years ago, but I donít think weíve evolved enough since then that it would make them out of date. I find her boundless enthusiasm very helpful in the morning.

And Iíve been getting out into the yard in the afternoons, too. I usually last a little longer than eight minutes, and with the heat weíve had this week, itís been making me sweat buckets. Somehow I think when I sweat that much, it means something good for my overall fitness. Maybe not at the time, but later.

12 July 2007

Afternoon trees and clouds.

Nutritionally, Iíve been doing the best I can. The doctor specifically mentioned salads and oatmeal — (as in ďI eat a lot of salad,Ē and ďIíve learned to like oatmealĒ — so Iíve been eating a green salad every day and a bowl of oatmeal a few times a week. Thatís in the place of some other snack, not in addition to all the other junk I eat (most of which Iíve managed to stay away from). It has to be the maple sugar or apples and cinnamon style, though, or I canít eat it, which I guess takes some of the advantage away from eating it in the first place. But if the doctor asks, all I have to tell him is that yes, Iím eating oatmeal.

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