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Sunday, September 4, 2005

I suppose I should have tried to get some work done today. I know itís the middle day of a three-day weekend, but I have a feeling the coming week is going to be chaotic (besides having only four work days in it). I thought about working today, because Iím finally starting to come out from under the allergy cloud that has been looming over me. But I didnít actually do anything.

Part of it, of course, is that Iím too lazy to do anything that doesnít have to be done tomorrow (unless I can actually do it tomorrow, in which case Iíll put it off until then). But mostly, Iím just not focusing very well these days. I have a lot on my mind, and my mind doesnít work at a very high capacity in the best of times.

The thing is, Iím not even the one having a baby. Sometimes I feel like I am, because I get way more details than I probably have a right to know about every phase and facet of the process. And Iím grateful to be included, because Iím so used to feeling left out. For most of my life Iíve been on the outside looking in, and I didnít even think about what I was missing. That was just the way it was. Now itís different.

4 September 2005

With September comes a hint of fall.

And guess what? I wouldnít want to be the one having a baby. Itís really scary. I think I could handle being pregnant, but I wouldnít want to give birth. Iím not sure Tammy doesnít feel sort of the same way, although once sheís accomplished the former, she really has no choice about the latter. Itís too late to change her mind now. Tomorrow might even be the day.

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In his second start, Matt Cain got his first major league win, outpitching former Giant Russ Ortiz for seven innings. Thatís saying something, considering the fact that at one point Ortiz set down fifteen Giants in a row. It was a dominating performance by the 20-year-old Cain, and the 3-2 Giants win gave them a sweep of the three-game series with the Diamondbacks. (And then tonight I watched 20-year-old Kyle Busch win his first NASCAR Nextel Cup race, so it was a good day for the kids to beat the grownups.)

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