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Saturday, September 25, 2004

I'd say this was a typical lazy Saturday, but no, it was even lazier than your typical Saturday around here. I'm not sure what time I rolled out of bed this morning, but it was much closer to noon than usual. I do know that I was awake at five o'clock this morning, so however late I slept, it wasn't late enough.

Even on a Saturday, I'm usually up and down all day, thinking of something that needs to be done and doing it sort of randomly. This is the only way anything (anything other than work tasks from my to-do list) ever gets done around here.

I have this huge problem with laundry, for example. I think about it, tell myself I need to take care of it, then forget about it until it's too late. If I don't jump up and put a load in the washer the minute I think about it, I'll probably end up smelling dirty shirts the next day, looking for something to wear.

Yeah, it's a good thing I live alone. Or it's a bad thing, because I don't have anyone to remind me of the things I need reminding of. Which is pretty much everything.

Anyway, I didn't jump up and do laundry while I was thinking about it this afternoon. I was watching the game, and I told myself I'd do it between innings. You know what happened when the inning ended. I flipped around the channels and forgot all about the laundry.

25 September 2004

Someone (or something) has made a path from beneath the old oak to the back of the garden.

And that's my day. Probably the biggest nothing day I've had so far this fall. Since there was nothing so important that it couldn't be put off for another day, I don't even feel bad about not doing it. I'll get to it, when I think about it, if I remember at a time when I feel like it. Life has a way of turning apparent imperatives into opportunities to procrastinate. I like that about life. My life, anyway.

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The best job in baseball has to be batting in front of Barry Bonds, because you know you're going to get some pitches to hit. Pedro Feliz took advantage today with a four-hit game that included the game-winning grand slam. The Dodgers walked Bonds five times, but the Giants won the game, 9-5. Maybe there's something wrong with your strategy, Jim Tracy.

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