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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Even after depositing my new and improved post-raise paycheck today, I still had to choose which bills will be paid a little late. And I also had to rewrite my grocery list. Thatís not an altogether bad thing, because the items I eliminated had to be things I could do without. Who needs soda, when I have water delivered to my door?

It seems a few extra pennies an hour donít make much of a difference, even when a whole weekís worth of pennies are collected at the same time. Thatís not my problem this week, though. This week my problem is the calendar. I always have problems toward the end of the month, and for some reason in September, the end has come way too close to the middle.

Thirty days hath September, right? And the check I just got included the fifteenth, which was just last Thursday. Thatís the midway point, but thereís only one more paycheck this month! The rent I pay on my little cabin here requires almost two full paychecks, and since I started the month in a big hole, that means thereís very little left over to trickle down to things like groceries and credit card bills.

20 September 2005


But hey. October will have five paydays in it, and thereís every chance Iíll get caught up without having to sell my car (or, almost as bad, borrow more on my credit card). I work too hard to be this strapped all the time. (Just ask me, and Iíll tell you.) Itís been more than a month since I felt solvent, and coming home from the store today with a light load (and a light wallet) didnít seem fair. The end is in sight, if I donít blow it. I think Iíve learned not to do that.

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Former Giant pitcher Livan Hernandez had his old team mesmerized tonight. For most of nine innings, the only blemish was a massive home run by Barry Bonds, and with two outs in the ninth, the Nationals had a 2-1 lead. The tying run was on first base, and Hernandez pitched around Bonds, walking him on four pitches. Itís been a year since this happened, a walk to Bonds in a crucial game situation, and often last season someone would step up and make the opposition pay. Moises Alou was brought in to fill the role of hitting behind Bonds this season, and he hit Livanís next pitch over the left field fence to give the Giants all the runs they would need on their way to a 4-3 win. Both teams are struggling to stay in playoff contention, and the Giants were aided tonight by the Padresí meltdown in Denver, to the tune of a 20-1 loss to the Rockies. As long as this keeps happening, the Giants will keep playing meaningful games.

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